OS Gift Certificate

Trying to spice up your routine, but don’t know where to start? Do you have a friend or spouse who is interested in yoga, but feels too intimated to try it out? I’m offering a few private and semi-private sessions entering into 2022. These sessions are hosted online over Zoom, or locally in Southern Maine.

Holiday Specials*
$100 45 minute session  (regular $140)
$110 60 minute session (regular $160)
$425 Package of 5 / 45 minute sessions (regular $625)
$500 Package of 5 / 60 minute sessions (regular $700)
$700 Package of 10 / 45 minute sessions (regular $825)
$900 Package of 10 / 60 minute sessions (regular $1300)

*Class prices are for private, semi-private, or groups up to 5 people. Total cost per session, not per person.

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